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My name is Nombuso Fortunate Makhubu. I am writing this article from Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. Since June 8, 2012, North America has become a home away from home.

My picture taken from my facebook account

I am from Southern Africa, the Kingdom of Eswatini located between The Republic of South Africa and Mozambique. https://medium.com/know-thyself-heal-thyself/swaziland-was-not-a-place-name-only-2ebee8e3bb3d

I enjoyed a happy childhood. I belong to a blended family of twelve. Our parents provided for us the best they could, and we are indebted to them. I am the eleventh child and a mother to one, my eight-year-old daughter with whom I am so fortunate to wake up next to each day.https://winningmindset123letsgo.medium.com/there-is-always-a-lot-more-than-meets-the-eye-time-surely-will-tell-51dcdfa4e556

Raising African children outside the home is challenging. As a result, I have become involved in social justice and equality for all, as long as possible. Mothering is an extreme sport, and we have both sustained our share of bruises, injuries, glories, and disappointments. That said, there is nothing better than waking up my child in the safe home we built. I also consider myself living a blessed life because many mothers have missed the opportunity to raise their children for various reasons.Being a mother has blessed my life so much, and I am thankful. My daughter grounds me. Since motherhood, I stretched my horizons and realize that all of my dreams are achievable as long as I am willing and able to work towards them.

Family time
As a family, we enjoy preparing Southern African-inspired home meals to indulge in together or with friends at our home. My Southern African culture has established a strong community of friends that feel like a family in and around Ottawa. For example, the first two people I met early on in my diaspora transitioned to my girl’s Godmother, while the second friend is our family lawyer and dear friend. We love being outside. Hiking, walking, enjoying beach sunsets, or pacing downtown Ottawa while eating away at ice-creams or fast food is how we relax. Music is our love language. We play Afro-jazz, Afro-gospel, Rhythm and Blues, South African house-music, Kwaito, Ggom, and Maskandi genres to our content.

Trips are how we reward ourselves for any job well done, and road trips lead. Mom missed seeing my graduation, so we planned to fly out to Southern Ireland and met her in Europe. Mother lives in my home country, so the European tour was a treat from us to her.

I graduated high school at St Christopher’s high school, a walking distance from my parental home. My father and almost everyone I know went to this school. My high school has been an all boy’s school until my paternal auntie broke the code. You may look her up, as she is a perfect example that humble beginnings may serve as the drive for excellence. https://www.smu.ca/academics/archives/lydia-p-makhubu.html

I was honoured to learn early in life that southern African women hold important social positions in politics, culture, finance, medicine, art, academia, family life and other fields. In this way, living abroad and facing unique challenges of time and place made me realize that I have the ability to do my best, which is enough.

Owing to our history and the card it dealt, Africa utilized education in its poverty eradication methodology. Educating an African entails self-funding all tuition and linked accessories as governments face continued deficits related to either colonialism or Neo-liberalism. That said, the best world-class universities are in Southern Africa, see https://www.usnews.com/education/best-global-universities/africa

This fall, I begin my two-year journey towards an M.A in Migration & Diaspora Studies at Carleton University. I am looking forward to finishing my current certificate in Global Action & Engagement at Queen’s University. My work life transcends time and spaces between my early childhood and now.

I am grateful for the chance to write, without limitations, as from it I gain myself. Unlike academic scripts, blogs may heal a writer and the readers too. Creating Medium content is Southern African inspired by my Nguni-Bantu heritages. When not writing, I tend to my at-home entrepreneurship. This life was inspired by a lack of job security, another diasporic experience I came to understand post-graduation.

I a grateful to About ME for welcoming my work so easily. Bye for now and a wonderful weekend to you and yours.

I am happy to share my handles below:

  1. linkedin.com/in/nombuso-makhubu-0a334466
  2. https://www.facebook.com/
  3. https://www.instagram.com/bagebeggs/?hl=en

I am of southern African descent living in Ottawa, Canada. My academic qualifications are law, human rights and social justice, global action and engagement.

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