It is said that “a dog is a man’s best friend.” My question is, what is the man to a dog?

Dog owners left right and center, but ill pass on this culture:

Where I am, almost everyone is a pet owner. Also, people here have a different pet-human relationship that I did not grow up seeing. Thus, I prefer not to…

My name is Nombuso Fortunate Makhubu. I am writing this article from Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. Since June 8, 2012, North America has become a home away from home.


I am from Southern Africa, the Kingdom of Eswatini located between The Republic of South Africa and Mozambique.

I enjoyed a happy childhood. I belong to a blended family of twelve. Our parents provided for us the best they could, and we are indebted to them. I am the…

The Absolute Kingdom To Know About

Emotional ties cripple my writing where home affairs go

In my experience, writing about my home affairs has been such writer’s block. Yet, given that I am capable of assembling reliable history on a creditable platform as Medium, I find myself taking up my responsibilities seriously, regardless of how I may feel.

Immigration is not a right

For anyone without knowledge, I am a…

Although platinum, diamonds, gold and oil are buried deep underground, their value always shines when we are committed to discovering them

As everything progressed, I was persuaded to think about how we can maintain a positive attitude as humans, especially those belonging to the “Black, Aboriginal, and Other Colored People (BIPOC) communities”-Wikipedia.

Why we, I and those belonging to the above-listed societies are referred to as marginalized populations or groups and…

Nombuso Makhubu

I am of southern African descent living in Ottawa, Canada. My academic qualifications are law, human rights and social justice, global action and engagement.

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